Screaming From The Inside – Incarcerated Women And The Journey To Awakening


Writing this book helped me to reshape the narrative that had been written ages ago about my ancestors and allowed me to transform pain into power. Screaming From The Inside is not your typical go-to prison book and learn about God. In this book, you will find yourself checking your moral compass, and then taking a careful look at the world that you have been creating.
You will laugh and cry, but beyond that, you will learn a vital truth at every turn. You will begin to realize that we are greater than the journey. Moreover, you will learn that within you lives a conqueror, and you are that conqueror.
Screaming From The Inside unpacks the knowledge that may allow you to release the power that is within us, but because of an untrained mind, we have allowed the illusions of this world to hide such power in the shadows. So, sit back, open your mind, and read about the journey that shifted pain into power for me.
It is my heartfelt desire that after you read this book, you will see from within. Then you too will “Scream From The Inside,” as the Truth has always been present!

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